History of the Burning Blade

The Rebel Clan

by Morpheus

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Every good clan needs a rival clan. Azeroth was that clan. BB and AZ were the first to clans to ever appear out of #macwarcraft. I am friends w/ many Azeroth members but there are some AZ's who look at me as the enemy. AZ is now less of a rival because of it's disbandment. Read the timeline to find out more.
Every good clan needs a rival, so why not 2? :) This clan showed up practically overnight and some of them have an attitude worthy of AZ :P So I've decided that this clan is also worthy of being on our "hate" list. I like some of it's players a lot, but I can hate their clan just as I do AZ even though I'm friends w/ a portion of them. Warsong start singing....yer prayers.  In recent days Warsong is TOTALLY inactive, another clan bites the dust...
I.E. Clan rush. Man, I have never seen a clan so order specific. I call this clan adversaries simply because they have a lot of good players and hence are a threat. :) Of course they're not MUCH of a threat, but ya gotta always watch yer back. Watch out for these guys on POS people...they'll mess any normal player up bad. Yet another clan that doesn't play very actively anymore, They play together but I've only seen like 2 people with JN in their username. And Avium, Pepper, and most of their good players off and joined Borg, or Dominion.
New GMG clan with some pretty damn skilled players, I still think they rely too much on grunts and not enuf on skill but that's just one clan leader's opinion. :) Some of those players are some to watch out for tho, they have the potential to get very good.

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