History of the Burning Blade

The Rebel Clan

by Morpheus

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Leader and Founder of Burning Blade. I created this clan to dominate a ladder, but it grew past what it was created for and became its own community. I know the members as well as I know people in real life and trust some of them even more deeply. I feel that Burning Blade has been one of my greatest accomplishments and I hope it lives a long and fruitful life. I've been gaming as long as I can remember, from an original Atari 800 on I've been messing around with games, and I doubt I'll stop any time soon :)
Close personal friend of mine who actually taught me how to use the Internet and spawned my gaming career. We played Warcraft I together and now I hope we can do the same with Starcraft. The man knows computers inside out and plays games like a pro.
This guy's great. He's the most arrogant, insulting man you will ever meet, but it's just an act. :) We became friends a long time ago through IRC and grouped for Burning Blade when he showed me some pretty serious skills in Warcraft. When this man gets Starcraft I can guarantee people will fear his name.
One of the BB members who has a PC and is already playing Starcraft <I'm gonna kill him>. He and Robocop have been killing up a storm from what I hear, so it seems Burning Blade may already have a name for himself by the time I get out there. :)
Entered BB in a lot of controversy 'cause we stole him from the old rival clan Azeroth, <now reborn as a starcraft clan named Borg *snicker*> but was one of the best grabs of the century as he's been a great friend and cool guy since the moment I met him.
Freaking pothead. ;) errr....hehe X is a laid back kinda guy, great friend, and crazy machead. He can be an idler sometimes but we forgive him because the time he spends with BB is awesome, and I don't know what we'd do without his antics.
Started off with a joking relationship that grew into a really cool friendship. Reppas is someone I trust and talk toa lot. He's an anime freak and he loves to game, plus his personality is BB all the way, I can't wait to see him rocking Starcraft.
My friend and my adversary, Trueno is it all.We get along most of the time but we've got a great love/hate thing going on where sometimes we blow up at each other the way rabid dogs attack meat. I love 'im tho, and I'm glad he's with the Blade. :)
Amazing gamer, the man picks anything up overnight. I've known meta a long time and he's a .... immature dork sometimes but you can't not love him. :) He's already playing SC on a PC and I'm gonna go visit him and steal it. :)
Our programming master. He works for Future Point and ports games for Blizzard. He's porting Starcraft to the Mac now and we all hope he's working quickly because most of BB is going insane waiting for this. :)
Phear this name. If you don't now, play him once, then you will. He's an incredible player, and one of the few names that could hurt me in warcraft back in the days. I snagged him because he was the greatest teamate I had ever had and I know the Morph/Robo team will be back in action and making people scared all over again.
We met beta testing warcraft two, and became friends through battle. Good sense of humor and a wonderful guy. I can't wait to be at his side playing some games because together I know we can show the world what BB is all about.
Elaborate nick for an eccentric guy. He's my age <round 18> and programs like a pro. This guy's got a great future ahead of him and he can game to boot. We're gonna have some fun when SC comes out for mac. :)
Fits perfectly in the clan. He's a crazy Asian guy who makes jokes at everything and plays as though he's known any game for years. I befriended him while playing warcraft and I've never gotten tired of him. :)
I have yet to meet a stranger sense of humor. I can't explain it...ya gotta see it. He's a great guy, sometimes quiet, but when he speaks be ready to laugh <or get insulted>. Dunno how he feels about SC but if he plays he'll be a force to be reckoned with.
Pharoah and I's carbon copy with spunk. The three of us have extremely similar personalities and are always joking around with each other. As soon as I get my car fixed up I keep swearing to Phar I'm driving us to Ohio to see him, it WILL happen. :)
Another of the Stanford crew. Met on #macwarcraft and he was friends w/ Valarion. I liked him a lot and saw he was damn good at the game too :) so I grabbed him fast.
He's been around a long time....but never really considered until I got to know him a lot better. I've met him before in real life and he's a really cool guy. I'm glad I got to know him and I'm even more glad he's with the Blade 'cause he's a pretty frighteningly good player. He's always been a blast to talk to on #macwarcraft so it was inevitable that BB get him =)
Met him awhile back in #mwc and didn't think much cuz, hey, who needs new members? :) I liked his sense of humor and we eventually got to know each other. He played against BB in some late night BB vs all games and got thrashed. :) He wanted to learn and did so at a quick rate. Pretty soon I wanted him in BB. I decided he was worthy both in skill and personality, so I threw some of that leader weight around and got him in. Unfortunately this upset Reppas a bit cuz Repp doesn't like newcomers much but I think they got used to each other :)
God how do I start w/ jerji...we've known each other along time. He's got to be one of the nicest guys I've EVER met on irc. I instantly liked him. He read HoBB 1.0 and told me right there he wanted to be as good as us. I said "ok play guys in 1 on 1's" He did. EVERY day he told me of a new win or a new strat he had. He learned to play warcraft as fast if not faster as the fastest of my members. I asked him first if he wanted to join BB and he said he didn't feel worthy yet. I said "ok just keep playin my guys and when you think yer ready come back to me." Then I get this E-Mail saying he felt bad, he didn't like making friends w/ BB just to get in even if it was more than that. He felt dishonest and that he didn't want to do it anymore. I was so impressed by his letter that I got on IRC and let him in to BB right then and there. I'm still very happy I let jerj into BB. I don't think I will ever regret it :)
I have never misunderstood anyone so much in my life! I didn't think I'd like him because he was always acting so mature in #macwarcraft. I didn't know much about him until one night when we talked for about 3 hours. I quickly learned he had a great sense of humor and was cool to hang with. He's always a pleasure to talk to and boy does he ever know how to be random. :)
We met a really long time ago and he was in the enemy warcraft clan for a long time, but we became friends through the battle field and eventually when Azeroth fell apart he came to where he naturally belonged. :)
Gotta love that nick. He was in Azeroth since it formed, but AZ withstood a real collapse and The_O left. Eventually he was voted in because he has been a well respected person for the last 7 - 8 months. His entry was a very controversial one.
He joined with The_O. He hadn't been around very long but he was another of those "He's BB, I just know it" personalities. He is hilarious to talk to and also now I believe our oldest member. (sorry optik but I had to tell em).If you ever wanna know how old he is....ask me :) He's drooling for Starcraft so I hope it comes out before he goes postal.
Well after talkin with me for roughly 6 or so months I finally brought my bud sniperman into BB. He's good friends w/ Trueno so it's good to see him getting along so well with the others and fitting in nicely. He's a little eccentric but that's the way we like 'em :)
He got in due to me getting badgered by scorp and oldman ;) Plus I played him many times and thought he was awesome to talk to. His english is still being corrected by me on occasion because he's our Russian representative but he's a great guy and one of the scariest players to ever play warcraft.

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