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02flames.gif (21465 bytes)Morpheus, Pharoah, Yagrmstr, LegendX, Kefka, Mr-X, Reppas, trueno, Metavark, Bfitz, Robocop, Anduril, Pieaux, War, Cheez, Sung, _michman, Scrooge, Mortal, jerji, OldManQ, _scorp, The_O, Optiknerv, Sniperman, LyubM, Dasein, and Diino.

Burning Blade is one of the oldest and best online gaming clans around.  Our leader Morpheus began the clan in late June of 1996.  I joined in September of that year.  Burning Blade is centered around Efnet IRC, and most of us use Macintoshes.  We began as a Warcraft II clan, but we have since branched out into other games, such as Avara, Quake, Myth, and now Starcraft.  You can read about the clan in the History of the Burning Blade, written by Morpheus.  Also check out my page full of BB logos.

bbchan.jpg (60149 bytes)Please don't ask to join the clan -- membership is by invitation only.  We have known each other for years and there is no way we'd invite just anyone off the street.  That said, please feel free to hang out with us and our friends on, in channel BB.  Our channel bot BB-Winters will greet you and give you all sorts of helpful information.  Channel BB is the place to be if you are looking for a good game against skilled opposition...see you there!

Check out the RL Greet List to see which BBers have met in Real Life(tm).

The Burning Blade Message Board is up and running.  Email me for the URL.

Burning Blade glossary:

Long live the Burning Blade!

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