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Some screen shots and stories

loobtanks.gif (167762 bytes)[2/14/99, The Hunters] Lyubm and I were looking for blood on The Hunters, and a couple of guys named znsx and .Mago0. joined our game.  I got Zerg at top left and Loobie got Terran, top right.   I did my hatch-two-before-lord order and Loob went for tanks.  We scouted around and found znsx playing Terran at bottom left, and Magoo as Protoss at bottom right.   Since the two-hatch order takes a while to get going, and Loob's factories also needed a little time to start churning, we didn't have a rush.  However, our scouts soon noticed the enemy sending marines and zealots to the center.  We knew one of us was going to get doubled but we didn't know which one.  I already had two sunkens, but I started churning zerglings from my two hatches and I sent one ling to the center to try to find out which of us was going to get smacked.  The ling died halfway to the middle and I knew I was going to get hit.  I made two more colonies and kept making lings.  By the time I got hit I had about 24 lings, two sunkens and two in-progress creep colonies.  The enemy had about 6-8 zealots and 10-12 marines.  My two sunkens were well protected behind my hatches and spawning pool.  The zealots tried to walk around to the sunkens but they ran into my lings.  The zealots went down hard while the marines pounded my sunkens from range.  When the zealots were dead I took my 14 or so surviving lings and went after the marines, but by then they were mostly dead from the sunken attacks (no medics).  I lost only about 10 lings and a sunken during the entire attack.  Loob and I both knew what to do next -- we sent everything immediately to Magoo's undefended Protoss town.  Magoo died hard and surrendered.   By this time Loob was pumping tanks out of three factories, and taking down znsx's base was a piece of cake (see screen shot).

master1.gif (144843 bytes)master2.gif (179808 bytes)[1/3/99, Sherwood Forest] Scrooge and I were playing a 2v2 Brood War game on Sherwood.  Two guys named YewShmuck and Imasterbate24-7 joined.  I was Zerg and scouted with a probe.  I found YewShmuck and wondered whether offensive sunkens would work.  I backed off a bit, made a hatch and started pumping out drones and sunkens.  I crept closer and it worked like a champ. :)  YewShmuck was effectively out of the game.  Meanwhile master had expanded all over, putting up cannons like nobody's business.  He was really quick with the psi storm and it took us a very long time to beat him.  But he never attacked.  He was surprised that he lost, claiming that it was his first defeat ever.  In my book offense always beats defense in the long run.  Oh yeah, then he disconnected on us. :(

morphrobo.gif (164989 bytes)[12/29/98, The Hunters] The Mac beta testers were finally set loose upon the public servers.  My old partner and clan leader (and Mac Starcraft beta tester) BB-Morpheus showed up in channel BB.  Back in the day Morph and I used to cause untold phear among the dwellers of #macwarcraft, but we hadn't played together for a year.  Would the Morph/Robo team still work? :)  We set up a 2v2 on hunterz (nobody joins non-hunterz games anymore, sigh) and avengeangel and babo... showed up.  I got red Zerg at bottom middle and Morph got brown Terran, top middle.  We scouted and found avengeangel turtling in at bottom right.  We soon found babo, playing white Toss, at upper right.  We decided to take out babo first and save the terran for later.  We both expanded.   Morph had his academy, refinery and comsat going in record time.  He comsatted babo and saw that he was making zealots only, and lots of them.  We decided to take out the zealots with firebats and hydras.  We met up and attacked, Morph's bats leading the way.  The attack was smooth and we took out all the zealots with few losses (screen shot).  Babo left the game and we camped out on avengeangel's doorstep.  I went for guardians and Morph went for tanks and wraiths.  Morph pushed with tanks and I covered him with hydras.  Then my guardians hatched and I attacked.  The guards took out much of the choke point defense when they were hit by several battlecruisers.  But Morph swooped in with cloaked wraiths and the defense collapsed.  Neither of our opponents was very good, but even if they had been, they stood no chance.  The teamwork flowed just like in the old days -- we predicted each others' moves and automatically worked together.  It was as if there was only one army, not two.  The strategic comsats, the bat/hydra attack, the tank/hydra push, the guardian/wraith attack -- each was executed perfectly.  Welcome back, Morpheus.

zileas.gif (78972 bytes)[11/12/98, Close Encounters] I finally managed to find Metavark in the Brood War beta channel.  We hosted a 2v2, and ExecutorZileas and _Cain, two very skilled players, joined us.  We all went random; I got Zerg at bottom right, Meta got Terran, left middle.  After some scouting we all found each other; Zileas was Toss (top right) and Cain was Terran (bottom left).  At this beta patch, sunken colonies were godly: 35 normal damage per strike, at a very fast attack rate.   I did the normal Zerg build for this patch, which was to make a few sunkens and go for hydras.  Meta was making marines and he had a bunker.  Cain and Zileas sent a little attack at me, which my first few hydras repulsed (well, actually it was the sunkens).  Meta had started sending some help, and that must be how his force missed Cain's, because suddenly Cain and Meta had marines in each others' bases!  Meta got the better of this trade and it was the beginning of the end for Cain.  After I saw the layout of Cain's base, I was able to guide hydras and lings around his bunker and straight into his worker fields.  After a few of these attacks (with more marines from Meta), Cain lifted off and flew to the plateau between his former town and my main base.  Zileas was dropping reavers on us by this point, and doing quite a bit of damage, but he was not able to perform a knockout strike, as our turrets/spores and marines/hydras were just barely able to keep us alive.  Zileas was expanding to various plateaus and he had cannons and reavers to protect his main base.  I selected a lot of hydras and made them patrol the entire length of the map.  The patrollers really helped us -- many shuttles went down to this tactic (as did the occasional floating building).  With Zileas' drops neutralized, Meta and I expanded and climbed the tech tree.  Cain recovered but Meta was huge by then, and Meta took him out of the game.   I was making adrenallings (Brood War makes adrenal glands very worthwhile to research) and guardians.  I spread the guardians out to minimize psi storm damage and sent them to gradually erase Zileas' bases, while the lings harrassed him at home.   Eventually he surrendered.  It was a hard-fought and satisfying victory for BB, but kudos go to Cain and Zileas for showing skill in battle and graciousness in defeat.

bwinfest.gif (151419 bytes)[11/9/98, Close Encounters] Bob Fitch wanted BB to join the Brood War beta test, so I collected names and addresses and a bunch of us got the beta CDs.  The beta test has been a blast so far, with all sorts of new units, plus big modifications to existing units, and new maps and tilesets.  One day my BB clanmate Lyubm and I were playing a game on a cool Twilight map called Close Encounters.  I was Protoss and Lyubm was Zerg.  After killing off the first of our two opponents, we went to work on Canyonero, who was playing Terran.  I saved a screen shot of Lyubm eliminating him via my favorite guessed it, infestation. :)

brchzi.gif (163249 bytes)[9/15/98, Island Hop] I had spent the past two days learning how to play island games.  Since I was just tweaking a build order, I wasn't too concerned about the quality of the opposition.  On my umpteenth Island Hop game I played a newbie named BRCHZI -- I knew he was a newbie because he said "no rush."  He started top center (I was bottom right) and never got off his island.   He sent out only two dropships, and they both went directly into my main mutalisk force.  Eventually I got guardians and took out his base, but he flew out his command center.  I could have easily destroyed it, but I just love ending games via infestation, so I let it live.  I made 3 queens while he flew to a nearby island; the results are pictured.  The big green blobs by his former home island are (from top left) my mutalisks, guardians and overlords.  BRCHZI had only three kills the whole game. :) :)

malice.gif (157243 bytes)[7/5/98, Char Magma] Meta, Perry and I set up a 3v5 on Char Magma.  This guy named Malice~161 was lagging in the chatroom.  Red bars in the chatroom are common and don't always mean the game will lag.  But this time they did.   The lag was terrible, just awful.  I could hardly ally or talk.  Malice kept coming up on the drop screen.  We told him to leave but he wouldn't.  He wouldn't even admit he lagged.  I even got a shot of him on the drop screen claming that he doesn't lag!  What an idiot.  Anyway the three of us killed his base first thing but he flew a command center away.  He hovered over the magma the ENTIRE GAME lagging everyone out while we finished his teammates.  He wouldn't surrender or admit that he was at fault.  The sheer amount of lameness he showed was unbelievable.   This is a case where one person can ruin the game for everyone.  I will certainly yell at him if I ever see him again.

kaptain2.gif (157035 bytes)kaptain1.gif (152147 bytes)[6/29/98, Green Valleys] Meta (as BeerM@n) and I played a 2v2v2 on Green Valleys.  We kicked everyone's butts as usual.  The last enemy survivor (KaptainKrunch) was holed up in his little Terran turtle.  I parasited the tanks.  Meta nuked the front lines, then nuked the back lines, then nuked the peons, then nuked the barracks.  Our troops came in and finished the job, except for a flying burning command center.  On the left you see that my queen has acquired her prey.  On the right you see the result and Kaptain's reaction.  Another elimination by infestation!  We had fun aftwards using all of Meta's leftover nukes on our own troops. :)

drbob.gif (79077 bytes)[6/29/98, Cyclone] DrBob (a.k.a. Bealzebob) and I were playing a few fun 2v2's on odd maps tonight.  Bob picked Cyclone and hosted the game; dmartin and bocugrande[SK] showed up.  Bob and I went random; we got Protoss and Zerg and ended up at bottom left and bottom right.  Cyclone is basically a four-way rush map and that's how we played it.  We met near bocugrande's base (top right) and went in on him with zerglings and zealots.  We had taken down bocu's zerglings, drones and hall by the time dmartin showed up with a marine force.  Then we hit top left with a little weak scouting attack; dmartin was pumping marines and he had bunkers.  Our next wave was a big group of zealots and hydras and the base went down.  Before he died, dmartin got off a little raid on Bob, but we emerged ok.  Then we started cleaning up the rest of bocugrande's town and the little expansion he had made while his main town was being gutted.  Bocu started whining for an allied victory.  We declined, then eliminated him.  Bob and I played and won another game afterwards. :)

knightz.gif (197787 bytes)[6/25/98, Char Magma] Yagr, MetaVark and I were bored of winning 3v5 games so we decided to have a little fun.  We set up a 3v3 on Char.  I was to do a normal Protoss game.  But Yagr was going to go all ultras and Meta decided to go all nukes!  So Knightz, Lt.Kaneda and HeavyAssault joined.  I was the only one with any offense through the early stages, and I pretty much took out Lt.Kaneda with a giant zealot force (with a couple of ultras for moral support).  We stalled for a while, waiting for the nukes to come up.  Soon Yagr had 9 ultras and we hit Knightz with a giant zealot/reaver/ultra force.  You can see from the screen shot what a newbie he must have been.  Unfortunately Yagr dropped soon after we began the assault.  Meta then came in with the nukes and soon Knightz was but a memory.  HeavyAssault also gave us no trouble.  It was a slightly fun diversion anyway...

fokker.gif (79128 bytes)[6/22/98, Sherwood Forest] I started a 4-way FFA on Sherwood; I was top left.  After initial scouting I found Fokker top right, SS_DeathSquad right middle and Capitols77 at bottom middle.  Fokker and DeathSquad were Terran, Capitols Protoss.  Left middle was empty.  I was moving along, making Zerglings, expanding (top middle), starting on hydras when along came Fokker's big Marine army.   It was enormously big and it swept my zerglings away -- while I had been expanding and starting on tech, he had been going hard marines.  Anyway, I decided to go ahead and lose my main base.  I quit building troops there and put up an extra hatchery and spawning pool at my expansion.  When Fokker's troops got through the outer buildings at my main base I burrowed all the workers there.  Soon the base was gone.  I expanded again just below my main base (but not left middle) and continued secretly building.  Fokker was puzzled when I wasn't eliminated and he left my main base.   I unburrowed the workers and rebuilt the hatchery there.  Eventually Fokker found my top middle expansion and attacked.  I wasn't yet strong enough to beat that off so I burrowed the workers and let the buildings go.  Again I wasn't eliminated and Fokker asked how many towns did I have anyway?  I had two towns (top left and upper mid left) and they were starting to pump hydras (although I didn't tell this to Fokker).  Somewhere in here DeathSquad dropped.  I had still not heard a peep from Capitols77.  Fokker found my rebuilt main with an expansion SCV.  He had still not expanded (I know because I had spied the mines with burrowed zerglings early on) and was presumably getting low on minerals.  He took his troops from top middle (those that had killed my expansion there) and went toward my main; as soon as he was gone I unburrowed a drone and rebuilt the hatch at top middle.  By now I had four hatcheries pumping hydras from my other two towns.  I barely managed to beat off the attack at my main.  He sent another wave which I defeated in the open field.   Then he again took out top middle with marines and firebats.  It was acceptable because I had again expanded, this time to left middle.  Fokker was talking to Capitols77 in some kinda of odd code....he kept mentioning "Operation Sock."  I couldn't be sure they were colluding but it seemed suspicious.   Anyway Capitols answered back and sent a fleet of six carriers from bottom middle to my main at top left.  In response I sent all my forces to bottom middle.  The carriers pretty much wiped out top left except for a spawning pool and extractor, but I burrowed the drones and rebuilt the buildings elsewhere, and expanded to lower mid left.   He then sent the carriers to upper mid left, but the joke was on him as by this time his town was mostly gone.  During the assault I was building hydras at upper mid left and managed to defeat all the carriers with no buildings or drones lost.  My attack force then elminiated Capitols.  Meanwhile Fokker had expanded to top middle (where he had killed my expansion twice).  I sent everything there and took it out.   Fokker had no other expansion and was running out of options.  I killed an expansion attempt at right middle, in DeathSquad's old base.  Fokker sent 5 battlecruisers to upper mid left.  I couldn't get there in time to save the town.   Then he went to left middle but I had my hydras there.  Let me tell you there is not a sight more sweet than watching your enormous hydra force save your town from a big stack of BCs.  After the cruisers were eliminated, Fokker sent his base defenders at me: lots of marines and goliaths.  I managed to defeat this out in the middle.   I had two towns left and was starting a third at bottom right.  Fokker had no expansion and his main had run out long ago.  He surrendered.

ownah.gif (166007 bytes)[6/18/98, The Hunters] Yagr and I have started playing 2v3 games a lot because 2v2 is just too easy.  We started one on Hunters and JSS_4-4, NYruler, and Ownah joined us.  I was top middle and Yagr was left middle.  I sent my overlord to top right and found NYruler's Protoss base.  When I got zerglings I sent them around, discovering Ownah at top left and JSS at bottom middle.  Yagr suggested hitting Ownah at top left.  While I waited for his zealots to arrive, Ownah hit me with a few zerglings.  Mine were scouting but the few I had plus Yagr's one zealot took care of it.  Ownah then started shouting for help (he hadn't set messages correctly), even though we hadn't attacked anything yet.  Yagr and I gathered our forces and hit Ownah, killing his troops and workers and starting on his buildings.   Ownah was screaming bloody murder the whole time.  NYruler finally sent about 9 or 10 zealots from top right to help.  I had overlords stationed along the route and I watched the zealots go across my entrance and into Ownah's town.  His zealots were plenty to kill off our surviving attackers, but he should have attacked me because I had only about a dozen zerglings in my town.  But he didn't, and as I watched the zealots go by I sent my dozen toward NYruler's town.  Yagr was already halfway there with a zealot force.  I right-clicked my zerglings on NYruler's worker line and watched as Yagr's zealots engaged the little force that NYruler had left on the outskirts of his town.  My zerglings ran right through that battle and stopped in the peon line.  The screen shot above is what NYruler's town looked like two minutes later.   We mopped up the rest of Ownah and then took out JSS's Protoss town pretty quickly, but the killer blow was the great hit on NYruler's mostly empty base. :)

enforcer.gif (79153 bytes)[6/5/98, Homeworld] Metavark and I started a 2v2 and taedal and JeftGordon joined.  I was left center and Meta was bottom right.  I scouted the top and right sides and didn't find anything.  Then a little group of yellow zergling hit me.  I dealt with it and continued to scout.  Soon I found taedal's red Protoss base at bottom left, just below me.  My scout noticed a big force of zealots heading toward me.  I told Meta about it and gathered all my zerglings in my town, and started pumping a bunch more.  The zealots came and we battled just to the northwest of my town.  Then a big stream of yellow zerglings hit me through my northeast entrance.  I diverted some zerglings and sent the ones I had just created, and pumped more.  I told Meta to hit taedal.  I kept pumping; soon the zealots were dead and I moved the victorious zerglings to help fight the yellow guys that kept coming in.  No more zealots arrived because Metavark was dismantling taedal's town.   I held on and eventually all the yellow zerglings were dead, and taedal was eliminated.  It was the classic punchingbag/enforcer.  Together we rolled over JeftGordon's town for the victory.

cerator1.gif (166171 bytes)cerator2.gif (181591 bytes)[5/25/98, Lost Temple] I was in the mood for a ladder FFA (don't know why; they're resetting it in a few days) so I started a 4-way game on Lost Temple.  I was left side and I send my overlord to bottom.  Muhammed was there and was apparently skipping zerglings and heading for hydras, so I ran in with a bunch of zerglings, killed his 3 hydras, and he surrendered.   I expanded and built up and after one failed attempt took out g1i1b1 on the right side.  By this time I was huge and I owned the map except for Cerator's base and expansion at the top.  He was a typical turtling Terran and he had missile towers lining the edges of his base, with tanks in between and bunkers at the entrance.  It took a while, but I made 4 extractors and got a bunch of guardians, mutas, hydras, zerglings, scourge and four queens.  I parasited his entire defense net.  When I was ready I started pounding his front door with guardians, taking out the science vessel with scourge and beating on the battlecruisers with mutas.  I started sending in the ground troops and I cast broodling on three of his tanks.  Two of my little broodings got killed but I used the others to take out his back-yard missile towers while my army slowly advanced through his town (left screen shot).  Next I hit his expansion with guardians.  He managed to fly his command center away but I scourged it and then infested it to end the game (right screen shot).  Not much of a challenge, but I got some nice pictures. :) :)

3v5.gif (77992 bytes)[5/25/98, The Hunters] War, MetaVark and I couldn't get anything going in #kali so War just hosted a game and left all eight slots open.  Sure, enough, five people showed up and we played the 3 on 5.  The map was Hunters; I was bottom left, War was top right and MetaVark was top center.  OverDark~SoV~ was to my right and we send overlords to each others' bases.  This was making me a little nervous (it was 3 on 5 after all) so I convinced Meta and War to hit him first.  I sent in 8 zerglings, meeting and killing his six as they were leaving his base.  The rest of the BB triple-team soon arrived and OverDark was eliminated.  We immediately ran to top left, as Meta wanted to expand there.  Dr.Sly had a little expansion going already and we wasted that without much trouble.  As we were killing off his main base to eliminate him, War got hit by a double team of zealots from Smack-Daddy and tab@rnac.   He told us that he could survive if we hit his attackers.  So I ran all my remaining zerglings to right middle, where I assumed I could hit someone.  It turned out to be Smack-Daddy's base, and all his zealots had just left to go hit War again.   I took out all his probes and his nexus before he managed to get back and kill my zerglings.  Just about this time, War hit tab@rnac at bottom right with six zealots, taking out all of his probes.  tab decided to disconnect at this point (lamer).   War was hurt, but his attackers had run back home when they got hit, leaving him alive and able to rebuild.  It was the classic punchingbag/enforcer technique perfected by Tool and Michman back in the War2 days.  :)  Anyway I was trying to expand when Master'sGen, the only opponent we hadn't hit yet, diverted his big zealot/dragoon force away from trying to save tab and into my main base.  I had used up all my zerglings crippling Smack, and spent all my money on the new expansion (which died).  But I did manage to make just a few more zerglings, which delayed Master'sGen long enough for MetaVark to send in the marines and save my little Zerg butt.  About this time Smack realized that with no probes and no nexus he wasn't going to be able to do much, and he surrendered.  Both War and I were hurt, but MetaVark was huge; he camped outside Master'sGen's base with a big pile of marines.  Master was making excuses about his lousy partners, and how we were just stupid rushers (lamer).  Meta got fed up and killed him.  And that, my friends, is the story of how BB won a 3v5 on Hunters. :)

skinnedyak.gif (179046 bytes)[5/21/98, Green Valleys] I joined an FFA on Green Valleys.  The others were SkinnedYak (z, top center), Siege-X (t, top right, also note misspelling :), and MORBID (p, bottom right). I was bottom center.  I sent my overlord right and found MORBID; he sent a probe and found me. :)   He sent a few zealots to my base but I had enough zerglings to deal with it.   He sent more and I dealt with them.  After one more attack I was fed up so I sent all my zerglings and hydras over to his base and took him out. :)  Just before he was eliminated he told everyone to watch out for me.  So much for pretending to be weak.  I expanded to the little gas mine in my valley and also at bottom left, pumping hydras like a crazy person the whole time.  I had zerglings at most of the mines watching for expansions.  Soon SkinnedYak made a move for the small expansion in his valley.  I sent all my hydras there.  He had a great hydra force too and we battled; there were so many hydras on both sides that it was several minutes before the carnage ended.  Eventually, all mine were dead and he had about 5 or 6 left.  I had been building while we fought (1sh2sh3sh!!!) and I sent the next wave in as soon as the first was defeated.  This time he couldn't stop it and I rolled over his expansion and his main base too.  He had a plateau expansion because he wasn't eliminated.  I started going air and I found the expansion just left of his main base.  There were a lot of spore colonies so I made guardians (I had to get some more gas mines going for that).  I sent in the guardians with mutalisk backup and took out his expansion, but just as I was finishing it off a big group of mutas came in and killed my entire flyer force.  I started overlord-lifting hydras to the plateau to kill his other expansions (one of which I had located with a queen).  To make a long story short, SkinnedYak expanded many, many times on the plateau (lots of gas up there) and made such an enormous force of VERY-well-controlled mutalisks that I couldn't defeat him.   The hydra swarms just couldn't beat back 20, 30, 40 mutalisks at a time.   Eventually his muta force was so big he started taking out my expansions one by one (I had five) and I started running low on gas.  If there had been just one ramp to the plateau I feel I could have hydra-swarmed his bases, but my transport game just wasn't good enough (gotta work on that).  Add Siege-X's occasional nukes on my bases and things don't look good for Robocop. :(  Anyway, I was eventually eliminated after starting up secret bases all around the map and having them wiped out by mutalisks (see screen shot of my 3-hatch comeback attempt getting stomped).  Siege-X had about 1/4 the stats of SkinnedYak and me, so he probably died pretty quickly to the mutalisk attack.   Kudos to SkinnedYak; I hope he's on my team next game.

cyberchump.gif (188006 bytes)[5/18/98, Green Valleys] War, perry, Grond and I were looking for a 4v4 and Grond found some people in channel Brap: Ol'Man, _nightowl_, Cyber_Chump and Novanus.  We set it up on Green Valleys.   I was top center (z), perry top left (t), War bottom center (p) and Grond bottom right (z).  We decided to take out Novanus (right center, Protoss) first.  We made a somewhat uncoordinated attack with zerglings and a few zealots and were repulsed.   As the second wave was going in and the third was on its way out of my base, I got hit with a few red zealots from nightowl (bottom left).  I recalled my third wave to deal with it.  Our second wave was repulsed after dealing major damage to Novanus.   I was just sending my zerglings back to the center when another wave of zealots came in.  I had plenty of zerglings to deal with it but they somehow didn't engage and were mostly to the center when I noticed my workers dying.  By the time I got back and took care of the zealots I had just one drone left.  Perry guarded my base for me while I built up.  Novanus died.  I recovered and we went to left center where Ol'Man had a lot of blue bunkers and tanks right at the entrance to his valley.   We killed the bunkers and were going in when we started getting pounded by tanks on the cliffs!  We retreated and regrouped.  We had no flyers and couldn't really hit blue until we had some.  So I took a dozen hydras and some zerglings to nightowl (bottom left) and pretty much took him out (sweet revenge!).  War joined in and we scraped his base off the map.  He had a plateau expansion somewhere.  About this time perry took out Cyber_Chump's hive cluster at top right.  He escaped to blue's base to attempt a rebuild.  With three opponents down we still couldn't crack blue's defense, and only one enemy had been eliminated.  Also our bases were getting raided by mutalisks and carriers, hit-and-run style.  We started to go air.  I got a group of mutalisks and started scouring the plateau.  I found a blue expansion left of his main base and took it out.  I then started after the cliff tanks.  After they were down there was a mad rush into blue's base (where white was trying to rebuild) with LOTS of troops (see screen shot, notice four colors of attacking troops).  Red's plateau expansion was just below that, surrounded by 10 or 12 cannon.  I turned all my mutas into guardians, killed red's two carriers with scourge, and took out the towers.   My teammates rushed in to eliminate him.  White had been eliminated with blue's main base.  Blue still had a building somewhere but he surrendered.  Game time was 1:10.

feet.gif (189190 bytes)[5/11/98, Char Magma] Toes and some of his friends from channel Feet (tort, ScottyWar, Assassin) came to BB looking for a 4v4.  We had only three (me, War, Anduril) so we asked Zima~~ to join us.  He did and we played a laggy 8-way on Char Magma.  I discovered Assassin with my overlord and sent in zerglings, with my allies following.   We took his base down fast.  After fending off a small Toesian attack on Anduril, we went to ScottyWar's place and wiped him out.  Next we went to tort's place, killing Assassin's recovery attempt along the way (see shot).  By the time tort was dying, Toes surrendered and the game was ours.  Later I went to channel Feet and talked with Toes.  He seems a nice guy and his channel seems to often have decent players.

twilight.gif (77645 bytes)[5/11/98, Homeworld] War and Andrew and I were in Kali looking for a game when the Twilight's Hammer gang (Xavier~~, Zima~~ and Monglor~~) said they'd take us on.   We started at right, right bottom and left bottom, and they were left center, top left, and top right.  We met in the middle and took out Xavier (top right), except he flew some buildings away.  We were working on controlling the center when Zima took out my main base with a big force of marines.  I had an expansion but like Xavier I was mostly out of the game.  There were wild running battles through the middle for a long time.  War's probes (bottom right) got raided but he emerged ok.  War, Anduril and Monglor had expansions; Xavier and I were finally starting to pump troops again.  Then we noticed Zima trying to expand right near Andrew's main base.   After a couple of attempts I took that out.  Zima, out of money, surrendered.   After a few more minutes it became obvious that we had control of all the resources, and the others surrendered.  It was a good game, and I look forward to playing the ~~ guys in the future.

cherry.gif (90679 bytes)[5/10/98, Green Valleys] War, Grond and I couldn't find a game, so we decided to host a 3v4 and just play whoever showed up.  ||cherry|| and ||Cheetah|| and two others (Mordred & RIZEN) joined and we somehow ended up playing on Killing Fields.  War got swarmed with zerglings from the || guys and was eliminated, but Grond and I took out their bases and won.  Cherry ended up disconnecting and when I messaged him about it he came to BB and we started talking.  He thought we cheated but we explained that we didn't, and he explained that he didn't disconnect (stupid flaky bnet).  He got Cheetah and another friend ||Zerocool1|| and we played again on Killing Fields.  They were all Zerg.  We lost to the same early double zergling attack.  We rematched on Green Valleys.  They took me out fast with the early zergling double (see screen shot) but War and Grond came back to win it.  Another rematch, this time on Homeworld; I was again eliminated early.  War and Grond won it again. :)  It seems that the || guys neglect workers enough to take out one opponent, but at the expense of their middle game.  Anyway, it was an interesting series and a good lesson about the power and weakness of the combined early zergling rush.

homeffa.gif (78556 bytes)[5/5/98, Homeworld] I created a 4-way FFA because no BB people were on. :(  I started top right and made a bunch of zerglings, then hydras.  I sent zerglings to every mine and burrowed them, and continued making hydras; I expanded above me.  Just as my exp was starting to pump, along comes an enormous group of orange zealots from 300ZXTT, who started left middle, pretty far away.  I sent my hydras to my exp but he took it down, took down my hydras, and then proceeded to take down my base!!   I tried to stay cool (this was not easy) and I sent a drone to right middle and made a new hatchery, just before my main base died.  I sent my few remaining hydras and some drones I had run off and burrowed, and I started life anew, fifteen minutes into the game.  I built up quickly, as I had about 10 drones once they all arrived.   I built a new pool, second hatch, den, and played defense for a while.  Soon I expanded to my right and up.  Every now and then one of my spy zerglings would die as someone put up an expansion and built a tower or overlord there.  Eventually Luke'00, who was below me, sent some yellow wraiths to my place.  After madly looking around for an overlord I killed the cloakers with hydras.  Luke also sent a ghost, who launched a nuke at me!  Luckily I found him before the nuke struck.  I started building guardians and scourge for retaliation.  300ZXTT sent a huge force of zealots and dragoons at my base, but my hydras and especially my guardians pretty much wiped that out without many casualties.  I then sent a queen down to Luke and parasited a group of 4 battlecruisers (boy are they big!) and some wraiths.  Luke killed my queen and moved his fleet off to the side, presumably hiding.  I saw the whole thing of course and I attacked with 6 distraction mutalisks, followed by two dozen scourge.  I ended up killing everything except a single cruiser, then hightailed the mutas back home.   With his big boppers gone, I started on the offensive.  I took out Luke's expansion attempt on the right side with guardians.  Then I attempted to get into his main base, but he had some more wraiths by then and so instead I brought the guardians slightly toward the center, where Luke had an expansion near his front door.  Just about this time, 300ZXTT took out my newly-rebuilt second expansion at the top again (oh well).  My guardians took out Luke's little expansion while the scourge and mutas killed his air.  For the next 5 minutes I scraped Luke off the map with my guardian spatula.  Suddenly 300ZXTT dropped, then Luke surrendered, and it was just me and Sylpheed the Zerg.  I was at the unit limit by this time so it was just send-and-kill.  By the end, I was exhausted but happy that I was able to come from behind and win it.

turanos.gif (78146 bytes)[5/4/98, Homeworld] TheBorg (also known as Bealzebob) and I were hanging in channel BB and we decided to go to #kali.  We asked for a 2v2 there and Turanos and Qvxz (?) said they'd play us on Hunters.  I was Zerg and Borg was Protoss; T and Q were Terran and Zerg.  We attacked early and took out Q.  Turanos wanted a rematch, so he got ~Genocide as a Terran partner and we played again (on Char Magma); we got our clocks cleaned because I didn't attack, being in general afraid of Terran defenses.  TheBorg then took off and War became my partner.  We played on Homeworld (see stats shot).   War and I decided to double early; we found Genocide and took him out with Zealots and Zerglings, before he could link up with his partner.  They wanted a rematch, so we played again on Char Magma.  Again, we found ~Genocide and took him out for the win.  These sound like easy wins but they were not; I was going full Zergling the whole time, no upgrades or den or anything until way late (after the first kill).   Turanos and Genocide are also very cool guys, and I hope to play them again in the future.

monkey.gif (78298 bytes)[5/3/98, Station Unrest] I didn't know this map that well but I agreed to play with War in a 2v2 against a pair we met in Opponents Wanted: Monkey_Child and Torrid_2.  The map is long and skinny, and I was bottom middle while War was far left.  Both opponents were on the right side, near each other.  We sent in an early attack, but it was repulsed (!) because they were very close and able to help each other.  They counterattacked me, but since my place was on War's way to their places, he had guys in my town.  We defended my town and there was a lull while we expanded and upgraded.   We then attacked with a very big army and caught Monkey off guard and took his town.  We then got Torrid's expansion and eventually we found his main town right under our noses (told you I didn't know this map).  Finally we found Monkey's expansion, also right under our noses.  War actually made some scouts!!  Anyway, it was a great game and the stats are pictured.

infest.jpg (121145 bytes)[4/29/98, Homeworld] Anduril and I played Shing0 and Zeki; they were Terran and we were Zerg.  We did our (currently) normal d12-pool order and took out Zeki's base (bottom left) pretty quickly with Zerglings.  He must have had a safety depot somewhere because he was not eliminated -- we never did find him, even though we had all the resources staked out by the end.  After hitting Zeki we ran top right to Shing's place; he fought off the first wave after taking a beating for a while.  The second wave had hydras and so we took out his base.  He tried to fly his buildings away and we got most of them with hydras, but as you can see from the screen shot, his command center escaped and traveled a VERY long way.  When I found it, I surrounded it with hydras, but he managed to find some water to hover over -- I couldn't finish him.   I had no flyers yet but I did have a nest, so I made a queen and infested his command center, eliminating him and prompting the hiding Zeki to surrender.  Pretty cool ending!

walltank.jpg (130330 bytes)[4/22/98, Homeworld] This is a shot taken from a 3v3 BBvTW game (Anduril, Yagr, me vs JohnWBooth, [mastermind], Haig).  Note how the guy we are killing here (Haig) has gone to the trouble of making dropships in order to place seige tanks on the walls...interesting use of time and resources...especially that he did it while we were killing off his two teammates....

BBvGrond.jpg (89050 bytes)[4/21/98, Green Valleys] Four BBers (War, Anduril, Yagr and I) decided to play a BB game (also known as an emag).  But before we could start, along came Grond (former #macwarcraft dweller) with three Blizzard employees as allies, so we decided to do the 4v4.  As you can see from the stats, three of us were Zerg and War was Protoss.  The speed was good and nobody dropped (for the whole game!) and BB was in good spirits.  We met in the middle and decided to take out Bealzebob.  He didn't survive the four-on-one, but as we were mopping up, War got hit hard and his entire base was destroyed.  He escaped with a few probes and made a new town (in Bealzebob's former base) just before he was to have been eliminated.  The rest of us didn't take kindly to this attack and so after we re-secured War's old base and the middle, we sent a great force of  hydras toward Swinger, who was pumping mutalisks.  Mutas die to massed hydras, and we took out yellow's expansion and then his base, but he wasn't eliminated (he had expanded on the plateau, we assumed).  Grond was next on the hit list, but he also was not eliminated.  I was pumping hydras like crazy and didn't have any air to go looking for the aqua and yellow expansions; Anduril and Yagr took care of this.  By now War was back on his feet, and he helped us to sweep over Perry's terran bases.  Our flyers took out the remaining hidden expansions and the game was ours.  Another glorious victory for the Burning Blade!

madoshi.jpg (71984 bytes)[4/19/98, The Hunters] War and I played three games against Madoshi. In the first, War's ISP dropped and Madoshi gave me an allied victory (nice guy!). But before this, I noticed that Madoshi and his partner were making only zerglings, huge bunches of them. They were in my base killing me when War dropped. I was still trying to pump out a couple of hydras and they were all over me. This got me to thinking about zerglings and so I pumped a huge number of them very quickly. It wasn't enough to win the 2 on 1, but it was enough to convince me that zerglings are very very cool. Anyway, after the allied victory, Madoshi got a different partner (Khorock) and we played again twice more. This time I pumped Zerglings like an insane person and both games we won very quickly; I didn't make a den and War didn't have any dragoons. In the first game Madoshi rushed me but I was ready; I beat it off and rushed back. War was there with his zealots (made 3 gateways in the first 7 or 8 minutes) and we took out Madoshi, then mopped up Khorock. In the rematch War and I took the rush a step further, attacking Khorock early with zealots and zerglings. We took him out. Madoshi knocked out my economy but I still had a lot of zerglings and we took his base out too. Madoshi flew his buildings (Terran this time) and we futzed around for a few minutes, but since the game ended at 13:15 elapsed time, the rush must have been very quick indeed. This was an intense lesson in rushing and my game has changed forever.

holycow.jpg (126020 bytes)[4/18/98, POS '98] Two guys named }{olycow and }{olytuer (from the }{oly Family) challenged MetaVark and me to a game on POS. Their records were very good, like 60/6 and 55/4. We were both Zerg and they were both Terran. Meta and I started in the lower middle left and right spots. We found them before they found us -- orange was just above Meta and white was two slots above me. Orange found Meta so I sent my guys to Meta's place expecting an attack. We were together when orange attacked and so we beat it off. We then went to orange's place. In the meantime, orange and white had found me and send a combined army to my place. They hit me just after we hit orange. I had time to make a few more guys so I held them off long enough for us to cook orange for good. They killed all my workers and some buildings, but I had an expansion so I was not dead. I gradually built up and took back my base while Meta took out orange. We also took out an attempted expansion/rebuild by orange. By this time I was back on my feet and all that remained was to watch for expansions and take out white, which we did (see the screen shot, taken at the end of the game). It was a hard fought battle but BB prevailed. The }{oly guys were upset, saying they didn't play well. How can you possibly think you played well if you lost??

finish.jpg (119249 bytes)[4/16/98, Hidden Shrine] This is the last explosion in one of many 3v3 games I played with Metavark and War on this night. The only good expansions are in the center (we took them, see green (purple, me), yellow (Meta) and brown(War) there in the middle) and we finished everyone off without much trouble. MetaVark is getting really good at the hydra swarms...

teamstats.jpg (86414 bytes)[4/16/98, The Hunters] My first team game (actually my second, we aborted the first when an opponent dropped. I was accidentally attacking our own stuff...) was victory for the Burning Blade, mainly thanks to MetaVark and War. We rushed them with hydras of course. :)

BB-Game.jpg (96396 bytes)[4/15/98, Sherwood Forest] This is the first BB game with BB-Robocop style nicks. We won easily. Metavark rules!

comeback.jpg (73198 bytes)[4/9/98, Char Magma] Legend had to quit early just as my main base was dying, totally overrun. I had expanded, and I rebuilt at my expansion, pumped a billion hydras for defense, spied all the mines, expanded again, got mutalisks, killed all enemy expansion attempts, and eventually they ran out of money and gave up. They accused me of cheating numerous times. :) :)

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